Monday, August 15, 2011

One sleeping bag, one pillow, and one blanket...

and we have a new bed for Zach. He doesn't stay in his bed all night and while I don't mind him coming into our room to sleep its getting harder trying to sleep with him in our bed. My belly is growing and I now have my maternity pillow that takes up half the bed. So last night I decided that I was going to lay out my sleeping bag, put a pillow in the floor and then an extra blanket (didn't think Zach would actually get into the sleeping bag). And to my suprise, I woke up to go pee (already happens more than I would like) and Zach was sleeping on the floor on the bed I made for him. Although he was sideways and his head was actually underneath my bed and not on the pillows. So after my potty run I picked him up and laid his head on the pillows and there he stayed all night long (well maybe not on the pillows).

So the first morning, after sleeping on the makeshift bed, he woke up a little after six and asked "where Kenny (aka Kenna from day care) at." I had to laugh. I guess because he naps with Kenna in the room and I think they sleep on the floor in there he automatically assumed he was at day care and he woke up ready to play. I had to explain to him that he was still at home and would see "Kenny" later when we went to day care. He merrily replied "ok."

So all in all this bed has worked out for one night, lets see if it will continue. Maybe he will get tired of sleeping on the floor and then stay in his bed all night. One can dream, right?

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