Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Potty training thoughts...

Anyone have any ideas to help me get Zach interested in using the potty. We would really like him to be somewhat potty trained before Amelia arrives. The problem being is that I really don't want to force him, but I do want to nudge him in that direction. He has used the potty twice now in the past two days and we only started trying 3 days ago so we are making some progress.

My daycare provider is awesome. She cheers him on and gives him big boy stickers when he does it. She has such a positive attitude I am happy she is part of our lives and even happier that I now know she will be able to take Amelia. We were a little worried at first, but she will have that infant opening so I am extremely happy that I will not have to be looking for another women that will treat my kids as well as she does.

So if any of you parents that have gone through this whole potty training mess have advice for me please send it on over it is greatly appreciated. I cannot wait for him to be out of diapers. Especially because he doesn't want me to change them anymore.

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