Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not sure how to name this

I do not understand some men. They have a wonderful woman who is willing to put up with all their BS and then have the nerve to treat that same woman like crap.  Or they just don't realize what they had when they had it and then years later try to see if there is anything left. That makes me angry. Appreciate what you have while you have it because if you don't it won't be there when you need it or want it. Thankfully not all women will put up with this.

People need to understand that life is not easy. But life is good. The things that make life great are the things that we have to work for (i.e., relationships) and they are more than worth the fight.

Anyway. I took Zach to the circus last night and he had so much fun. I had three others there to help me keep him in line. Of course he wanted everything and of course I got him what he wanted. I need to learn to say no. But I don't like screaming Zach. I like laughing through snorts Zach. He is a kid that just enjoys everything. He doesn't ever want to sit still and he is fearless (which scares mommy). He rode the ponies last night and wanted to ride the elephants and camel but he still doesn't want to hold on so I can't let him ride the camel by himself. The elephant we ran out of time or else I probably would have gotten on that with him. Both of us missed Daddy though. He ended up having to work and couldn't make it.

I want to take Zach for a weekend trip to the beach soon. He loves the water. Hopefully I can plan something. I love taking Zach places that I know he will love. We took him to the Zoo not long ago and he had a blast. He loves the animals, especially the monkies. I show him the pictures from the zoo and he gets very excited. I came up with a plan to visit all of the Zoos in the United States. But not sure if that is going to work out. I think it would be great to say that we did that. Then Zach can say "hey i have been there with my mom and dad it was fun." There are quite a few zoos in the US though. I think we might just stick to the major zoos. I also want to take him to SeaWorld soon. That is sort of for me as well because I have never been. I want to be able to "suck the marrow of life" to steal someone elses phrase. I want to enjoy and I want to have fun in everything that i do even if its not so fun to begin with. Thank you Zach for making mommy see that life is fun even when the chores don't seem that way.

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  1. My favorite part of being a mom is how your kids make you feel young again. Like you are reliving your childhood (but from a different view). It's wonderful! I'm glad to see you enjoying it as well :)