Thursday, June 30, 2011

Making it through the day

Weekends are great, Zach naps and mommy naps with him. Weekdays not so good. Mommy needs a nap but can't take one at work (how bad would that be). But Zach gets a nap so he is full of energy when mommy picks him up. This first trimester is really doing a number on me. Hopefully it will better during the second.

This weekend was fun. We went to a birthday party on Saturday and on Sunday stayed at home and filled up Zach's pool. He had a ball, I went to pull out the video camera and found out it was already dead. It is now charging at home. So hopefully we will be able to capture some video this week. I love how Zach motivates me to want to do more. And just think now with a second on the way I should have that much more motivation.

This is from camping the other weekend. It was loads of fun. Looking forward to going at the end of July.

On another note. I know that people drift apart, but why do I feel like crap when it happens. Sometimes you just realize that you don't have much in common with people anymore or that they just don't get you anymore. Maybe its that they really don't care or didn't care in the first place. I guess sometimes I just feel like I tried my best but in the end it didn't end up working out. I just thought that I was a bigger part of their life and come to find out I am barely a part of their life at all.

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